Saturday, December 19, 2009

Satin Flower Clip Tutorial

Need a beautiful clip for yourself or our little one to wear for the holidays?  I've got the perfect solution.
This satin clip is really easy to put together, only takes about 20 minutes.  I want Little Miss to have one in every color.  I think I'll make Grandma some and attach them to a pin for the perfect holiday accessory.  The possibilities are endless.
Now on to the specifics.  Here's what you need.
Scrap satin, felt, ribbon, clip, scissors, template of your choosing.  And not pictured, sewing machine (of course-or if you're brave you could hand stitch) and hot glue gun for lining and attaching to clip.
Cut your "petals" with your template.  If you look close in the previous pic you'll see I used the thread cap thingy.
After you get all your petals you'll need to lightly heat seal the edges with a lighter.
For the base of the flower, sew a circle of felt and satin together.  It gives it a bit of stability and makes sewing all the petals on easier because the felt has structure.
Then start forming and attaching your petals, reference this tutorial for help on sewing them to the satin/felt base.  Basically just start in the center and randomly place and sew each petal with a few stitches.
When you're done you see a big full flower has formed.  But look close and see if you've got any petals that need trimmed.  See here on the right, that petal was sticking out a bit.  So I just held back the other petals, trimmed it and heat sealed it again.
After you get any petals fixed.  Line your clip with ribbon and glue your felt base to the lined clip.  (sorry no pics.)
Ta-Da! Perfection!!

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