Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fabric Flower Headband Tutorial

So it's here, my fabric flower tutorial.  Remember this?
Super cute flower headband, the headband I love and want to wear everyday.  Well I made another and got the pics all gathered up and whipped up a tutorial, here ya go.
Now follow the tutorial here for the headband portion, I stop and add my flower before doing the elastic, but I think you could add the flower at the end too.  Either way.
I did my headband with a contrasting fabric, but once it was done, I didn't really dig it.  I thought the gold would be more gold.  But it just appeared really washed out and didn't go.
So that was my first go.  I then ripped it off and started over with a solid black flower.
Start off by cutting your petals.  I used a half dollar size circle.  I couldn't find my half dollar this day cause Monster had taken it to play with.  For this flower I used I think 12 circles.  But depending on the size of finished flower you want and fullness you might use more or less.
Next, fold your circle in half and then kinda pinch it up from the center.  It's hard to explain and maybe even harder to get a good picture.  Here is me doing a satin flower, I think I got a little bit better pics.

Place your petal where you want it on your headband.  I do mine slightly off center.  Then just tack on with a couple of stitches, right at the 'point.'
Here are two petals sewn on.  From here you just kinda place randomly around.
See here, you'll even want to place some under the petals already sewn on.
This can be a little tricking when actually sewing cause you have to fold over your already sewn petals and place you headband carefully.  You don't want to accidentally sew on a different petal and keep it from fluffing up, kwim?
Keep going, I've got six petals sewn on and you can see it's taking shape.
And you're done! Twelve petals later you've got a pretty flower headband.
Yeah, I know it's a bad pic.  But I really couldn't get a good shot of me wearing it.  You get the idea though.
Also for your viewing pleasure is a beautiful satin clip I did.  I originally did this and wanted it for myself, but once I got it done, I knew better.  I just couldn't figure out how to wear it with my hair.  And really I'm not that trendy to be able to rock a sassy satin clip.  But you know who is??  Little Miss.  So it's hers now.  I am going to make one on a headband next time, hopefully before the hubby's work Christmas party.
Later I'll let you know about a couple different steps you need to take to make the satin flower.


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