Monday, March 5, 2012

How to clean car leather

This is probably an odd post for a my blog, but that's okay.  You'll thank me later.  
We recently bought a new-to-us van.  Seeing as I'm now 26 weeks pregnant and our current car already had three car seats sandwiched in the back seat, we were in need of a van.  We found an '05 Odyssey that was great and what we could afford.  The only thing I wasn't in love with was that the seats were pretty dirty.  But we bought it cause it was very well maintained mechanically and the people we got it from were super nice.
So what to do about the dirty leather.  I started by doing some research.  Aside from specifically made car-care products, the suggestion that popped up over and over again on car/van forums was Woolite.  Plain old Woolite.  Huh?  Figured it was worth a try.  And it worked.  Pretty darn well, I'd say.
Here's what I used:  Woolite, I picked up a bottle at Target for $8.  Mix that with some water at a 1-10 ratio, ie. 1 C. Woolite to 10 C. water.   Old toothbrush, old baby brush, and some microfiber towels.
Vacuum out as much of the gunk in the seams as you can.  Spray some Woolite mix on the seats let it sit for a few minutes.  Then get to scrubbing with the baby brush or the toothbrush depending on what area you're cleaning.  Wipe off with a dry microfiber towel.  If more work needs to be down, repeat the process.  After I was finished I wiped the whole seat down with a wet microfiber towel.
Here are the results!! All these pictures are straight out of camera (no editing done).
Pretty good, right?!!  To do this bucket seat, it probably took between 30-45 minutes.  But they look a million times better.  Obviously not showroom floor quality, I mean the van is 7 years old, but compared to what they did look like, I am VERY pleased.
So go get yourself some Woolite and get to cleaning.

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Oh, and just because this is 2012 and people are ridiculous, I assume no responsibility if you use this method and it damages your leather for some reason.  Use your brain.  


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  2. Thanks for posting this. I have leather couches that could use a good cleaning and I will break out the Woolite!

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  4. Thank you! Spent tons of money and hours trying to clean my leather car seats!

  5. Thank you! Spent tons of money and hours trying to clean my leather car seats!

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