Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nursing Pads {tutorial}

We are cloth diaper people around here.  Since I'm saving tons of money using cloth on my kids I figure why not save more money by not having to buy nursing pads all the time.  I would have gone through BOXES and BOXES of throw aways with Brooke who I nursed 13 months, but thankfully I had my homemade ones.  Nursing pads really are some of the easiest things you can sew for yourself to save $$.  And in my opinion they are way better than any store bought reusable pads.  And you can make them cute.
What you need:
  • For absorbency, I use flannel (old receiving blankets even), you can also use terry cloth, even microfiber towels if you want.
  • For backing (water-proof barrier), fleece.  You can also use 100% wool, felted.
  • For topping (layer facing skin), flannel, knit, or cotton woven, your choice.  I use flannel just cause it adds another layer of absorbency. 
  • Sewing machine, and something round to use as a pattern.  I use a trusting old Eskimo Joe's cup since we have about 15 in our cupboard. 
  Start by cutting your circles.  Again, my pads are made with one layer fleece (water-proof barrier), two hidden layers of flannel (absorbency) and topped with cute flannel.  
*On a side note sorry about the inconsistent coloring of these pics, they were taking at several different times of day and locations
 Now, stack up and pin your circles.  Then cut a notch out, this is so we can make the pads contoured for better "fit."
Then sew around the whole pad and on both sides of the notch.  I use my overcast stitch to prevent fraying of the flannel.  If your machine doesn't have an overcast stitch option, just zigzag it.  
Now you'll pull in your notch crossing one side over the other slightly.  If you need to, pin it.  Then go and sew a straight stitch following the edges of the notch to join it together.
 Your straight stitch will end up being a very narrow triangle.  You can see the left side of my triangle here.
And with that, you're DONE.  Easy Peasy!!
Be excited that you'll be saving $$ through out your nursing career.
Only about 10 more days till my new nursling arrives!

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  1. great idea!! thanks for the tutorial, for my 3 babies, I had to buy them... I never thought that I could make them, but i might .... next time!!

  2. Lovely! I was thinking about making some of these the other day but I'm just about done nursing this time around. Thanks for the notch tip. :)

  3. Wow! That is so easy! Thank you for sharing! :) I have gone through so many nursing covers, it's ridiculous! I will definitely do this with our next little one. :)

  4. I just don't seem to have that level of crafty DNA in me. But, you really inspired me, and now I want to add this to my list of things I want to make.

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