Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Camera Strap for My Photog Friend

After I made my camera strap I knew I wanted to make one for my friend who does photography.  She did family pics way back in May, I've been meaning to post some of them cause she deserves lots of praise.  I LOVE THEM!  
So first off, the camera strap for her.
I added ruffle detail to each end, different than the ruffle detail you see on lots that run the length of the strap.
Now on the good stuff, our family pics :)  Prepare to be overloaded with pics
And lastly, I've titled this shot "Sibling Love" :)
  I'm so excited that she's also going to do maternity shots for me.  And once I have this babe I'm cooking, NEWBORN shots.  I absolutely CANNOT wait!!  If you live in the Southwest Missouri area, you should check her out.  She is so great to work with and VERY affordable.  You can find her on Facebook, Moments Captured by Emily

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