Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Socks

It's actually Thursday.  And even though she constantly gets her feet stuck while sitting like this way, it's still her preferred choice. 

ETA: My friend Sheyenne wondered about this pic, so here is the sooc, and final edit along with some details. 
 ISO800 * 55mm * f/5.6 * 1/15 sec shutter speed.  
Here's what I did with it in photoshop elements.  I ran Urban Grit action from Coffee Shop Blog. I painted just on the socks to apply the affect.  Then I ran Purely for the Web action from Pure.  That's it.  
I obviously am by NO means a photographer or expert photoshopper, BUT I'm learning, and it's fun to learn.  As a result of me learning, you'll probably be seeing lots more short photo posts like this one.


  1. Alright, was this taken with your new lens? What settings? Its the most amazing picture of socks I have ever seen!

  2. The big question I have: where did you get those jeans? That's a blast from my childhood past!!

    1. HA! I think they are old navy. They are super cute, but on loan from a friend till her daughter fits into them :)


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