Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY Glitter Polish {st. patrick's day nails}

My girl loves glitter polish, and I have kinda been loving it lately too.  Did you know that you can make your own on the cheap?
I was googling glitter polish the other day (who knows why) and came across tons and tons of post about making your own.  HELLO, endless possibilities!!
All you need is some clear polish (a sheer color polish would probably look awesome too), and some glitter.  You want your polish to have a little bit of head space at the top, ie. not be a new unused bottle.  I should have poured a bit out of mine to make more room.  
My polish costs a whole .99 cents at ULTA and I had this micro glitter in my stash.  
Pour some glitter into your polish using a paper funnel.  Sidebar, a lot of posts that came up on google actually showed you how to make a funnel w/ paper.  If you're a functioning adult capable of getting on the internet I'll assume you can figure out how to make a funnel.
Ok, back to glitter, pour some in.  Give it a good shake.  
 Now paint your nails with your cheap glitter polish.  For mine I did white tips then two coats of green glitter.  SUPER FUN for St. Patty's Day. 
Please excuse my overly dry cuticles that need some TLC.  
I think it looks pretty darn awesome!  I'm gonna do Brooke's later today.  And I can't wait to get some more springy colors and make her a whole set.  Possible Easter gift?  

Word to the wise:  The glitter will settle after awhile, but just give it some good shakes to redistribute it.  Real glitter polish has a special something that helps keep the glitter suspended.   Also depending on the glitter you use, your clear polish make take on some of the glitter color.  After a bit mine turned slightly green, but it didn't affect application at all.  If you used cosmetic grade glitter this probably wouldn't happen.  But since this is a cheap project using stuff I had on hand, I wasn't to concerned about either of these issues. 

PS. Is it me or do I look like I have a freakishly short pinky finger?


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    1. Too funny...this is Jackie, not Sergio!

  2. Hi! Love this idea -- and the glittery effect! This would be a great entry to a contest we're doing, over on Facebook. Would you like to join? It ends on March 17, St Patrick's Day! You can submit your original nail art to our LUCKY NAILS app here on Facebook


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