Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Appliqued Tank and a Bow

I just finished this appliquéd t-shirt for a friend who's daughter is turning 1.  I'm pretty sure she did her room in brown and pink, so that's why I chose this pretty damask print.  She bought the tank and I just made it custom for her.  It turned out really cute.  They live in Texas so even though it's September, it's still warm enough for tanks. 

Hot off the glue gun is a new bow for Little Miss to wear to The Monster's birthday party.  We're having a Bootcamp Birthday Party, so I thought camo was quite fitting. 
I hope that after I finish his new cardtable playhouse like this one, I'll have enough camo print left to make her a dress to match her new bow.
More on The Monster's party later.

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