Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Fall Ribbon Prints

My home group girls and I are having a bow-making party this Saturday.  I'm so excited, mostly just cause it's girl time away from the Mr.s and kids (Is that bad? hmmm...No)  Anyways, I designed this super cute ribbon for Jen to print up so we can make totally custom bows for the girls.  I love it!  All you need is photo transfer paper.  Follow the directions on back or here's a tutorial.  I'm going to take tons of pics of our party, so I'll probably do a tutorial here next week.  Feel free to use-just give credit where credit it due ;) 
*click to enlarge*
And for football season, some ribbon supporting our local teams. 
 So hope on over to Hobby or Michael's and get some ribbon and print away!
And if you're wondering, my cute fonts and doodles on the fall ribbon came from kevin and amanda.   You HAVE  to check it out!  You can send in your handwriting and they make it into a font.  So there are TONS of cute fonts and doodles to use.  I am totally going to send in my handwriting-someday when I'm not sewing :)
Please let me know if you use my ribbon prints, I'd love to see what you come up with.

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