Saturday, August 22, 2009

Capes, Capes and More Capes

I've been sewing super capes. A LOT of them. I think I figured that I've sewn about 20 since June. That's a TON. But the other day I got to sew one for Little Miss. It was Super Hero Day at our beloved Chick-fil-a last week. The Monster already had a cape, and I made him some super hero wrist bands to go with it. But Little Miss needed a super girly cape to wear so she could get free food too. (I love free food!) It turned out so darn cute. I've made a couple before, and four more since, but hers is special. I used the white sparkley felt AND added some sequins to the points on her crown. She's got *Bling* ;) I also used the satin to make her neck band instead of the cotton like I normally do. Check her out.

The Monster's friend must have been telling him a story, look at that hand action.

Monster getting his pic taken with Spiderman outside. Like his shirt? It's mama made :)

Another cape of mine. His friend R decided to wear a different Super Man costume he got at a yard sale, so his sis got to wear his cape. Their mom joked that sis looked like 80's aerobics instructor hero. She had on a bodysuit, leggings, and a headband around her waist, AND the boots. Too funny!

And me and Little Miss. Unfortunately she wouldn't really cooperate for a pic (what 19 month old does?). But you can see the bling on her cape in this pic. We had tons of FUN!!

BTW, Recognize my headband?

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