Monday, August 24, 2009

Ruffle Tank Refashion

So I did it. I made a ruffled tank. And it was SUPER easy! Here's what I did.

Painstakingly took off all the sequins. Honestly this is what took the longest.

Make ruffles. I found a jersey knit top in my closet that I only wore around the house and cut away. I did 1.5 inch strips, just the length of the top. No real rhyme or reason to length, just went with it. I never would have thought ruffles would be "sew" ;) easy to do, but they were. Set machine to your longest thread length and highest tension setting. And sew, it's that easy. I was amazed! I know I'm easily excited. Pile of beautiful ruffles. I only used three for this project so I'll have figure out what to do with the extras.

Pin ruffles in place on shirt. I wanted kinda of a staggered look, which I'm going to have to fix because I didn't do it dramatic enough. The shorter two just look uneven, not the effect I was going for. **TIP: I put some sticky back, tearaway stabilizer on the back of the tank where I was sewing the ruffles. That way the shirt wasn't trying to stretch out on me as I sewed.

Take out pins and clip threads and you're done. Easy Peasy! Just in case you forgot, the before.

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