Monday, February 20, 2012

Gray w/ Silver Sponged Tips {nails}

Gray.  Who knew?  But I kinda love it!  The gray is super cheap NYC Sidewalkers. 
It is actually really great polish, surprisingly.  Goes on smooth, and after three days showed no major signs of wear.  Even without a topcoat.  But after those three I decided to add some flair to my tips.
Gradient silver tips.  Fun, right?!

(This post is mostly an effort to see how well posting from my phones goes, checking formatting and stuff.)

ETA: Blogger app=epic fail.  At least for Android.  Pictures were throw in at bottom of post and not in the order I uploaded them.  Pictures were grainy and didn't look right at all and wouldn't enlarge.  Ended up emailing them to myself and reposting from blogger dashboard online.  If you want to post from the app just a plain text post, go for it.  That worked.  But if you plan on adding pictures (which is what makes reading post interesting anyways), I'd steer clear.  

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