Sunday, December 25, 2011

Year in Review Photobook

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I made this book as a Christmas gift for my parents and Ben's parents (and myself).  I love it!! Can't wait for it to get my hands on it.  Yes, I'm lame and didn't get it done till yesterday, so estimated arrival isn't until after the new year.  But that's ok.

And I'm sure you've noticed my absence lately.  I have good reason.
Not that I've been sick or anything.  I'm one of those people most other pregnant people hate.....never been sick with any of my pregnancies.  PTL!
So there you have it, we are so blessed with three kiddios and will prayerfully be welcoming a fourth this June.  Hopefully I'll get back to more regular posting.  But I will say it's been nice having lots of time away.

(lame disclosure in case anyone cares: I paid for these books myself, just thought I'd share the cuteness w/ you)
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