Friday, July 1, 2011


I've seen a couple of blogs (grey luster girl & kidnapped by suburbia) link up to InstaFriday, so I figured I'd join in on the fun.  After all, I am constantly snapping pics of my kids, my day and life around us.  I don't know what I did before my EVO, oh wait, yes I do.  I rocked a pink flip phone for 3 years and it took me 5 years to type a text.  And seriously the conversations we had about actually getting smart phones, you would have thought it was some major life decisions, like having another kid or building a house.  But when you stay at home and your husband is in ministry anything involving $ is a major decisions.  Six months later we are SO happy (and thankful) we have them.
On with the PICS!!
Ben got home from two weeks of travel, to say Mason missed him is an understatement. 
A trip to Sam's to get some staples.  Lincoln is almost always shoe-less, he did have some of the ministars from Target, but outgrew them.  It's summertime, and pudgy baby feet are cute so it's ok. 
My favorite summertime anytime salad.  Ben and I finished off almost the whole bowl.  YUM!
Can of corn drained, diced green peppers, diced onion, shredded cheddar cheese, mayo & chili cheese fritos=DELISH.  My friend Angie gave me this recipe, I'm forever grateful.  She also said you can throw in some chicken and call it dinner. 
I HATE when my baby is sick. 
My little artist, painting while big brother is at kinder camp and little brother naps. 
Hit up happy hour for half-priced slushes.  The slush machine was on the fritz so we got ice cream & and Coke Zero instead.
Had craft night last night at my good friend Jen's.  We embellished hats.  My flower is snapped on so I can change it out.  I'll look super cute sportin' it on The Fourth.  Along with crafting we also ate. A LOT.  I should have snapped a pic of the spread, but let me just tell you what was there.  PW's Cinnamon Rolls, choco/oreo/brownie bar goodness, cream cheese/salsa dip, cupcakes, lemon bars, trail mix, and fruit dip.  And yummy coffee with Almond Joy creamer. 
My festive toes.  

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  1. I'm making that corn salad for the church picnic next week.

  2. I smiled at the pic of your kids feet in the shopping cart. I think I will have to take a pic like that! So fun to see!

  3. Came over from insta Friday! Ha so with you on the smart phone! Just got myfirst one a month ago. Huge decision over here too:) hope you haves great weekend!


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