Friday, July 8, 2011


Another installment of InstaFriday, some Fourth of July fun included
Retro baby in big brother's "vintage" 2006 Old Navy tee.  (Yes, that is my living room floor covered with toys in the background.  Real life peeps, real life)
Dad is always a good sport and lets sister brush his hair.
His Fourth of July attire (minus shorts).  Mason wore a matching tie, but I didn't get a pic of him in his.  
  Headed out to have some fireworks fun!!
The moon on the Fourth was so pretty.
Ooh, awwww!!
DATE NIGHT!! What a cute couple! *wink*  My MOPS group and church sponsored date night for 50 families, you dropped your kids off at the church, they got fed Chickfila and you were given a gift card to go eat.  SCORE!!! Since we chose a Starbucks giftcard (don't be jealous) we ended up going to Outback for dinner.  God blessed us with slow service and we got to eat free.  When we left the manager apologized and told Ben, "That's not how we do business."  Um, we kinda like doing business that way, bring on the free steak :)
And I had to laugh when they brought us our second loaf of bread, they stabbed the life out it. But it was still delicious and I had about ten slices, ok maybe just five.
Took a trip to Silver Dollar City, this handsome dude kept me company while daddy road rides with the big kids. 

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  1. LOVE that fourth of july adorable!! :)

  2. I never ever, ever get mad when slow service means a free meal. Hello! It's a free meal. Plus extra time to talk and just be.
    Have a happy weekend!


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