Monday, August 9, 2010

Stamped Washer Key Chain

I'm sure you've seen them EVERYWHERE.  They have been on my list of projects to do, forever.  And finally my friend Jen and I got together and GOT-IT-DONE.  We each managed to get a few done (but not without errors and several do overs).  
This is a key chain.  I also stamped some small washers (same size as the Ben one) with "B" and "M" on them for my kids.  But I need to get a different size washer to accompany them that will say "B&A, 2002".  The one that I tried it on doesn't quite look right.  
This is seriously the cheapest project ever!  I think the small washers were like 10 cents each and the big one 15 cents.  The stamp set Jen got at Harbor Freight for $5 (thanks Helping Little Hands for that tip, you can also check out her blog and many other for step by step tutorials).  The chain I used was left over from Monster's birthday bash last year when we gave dog tags as party favors.  I snipped it down to the length I wanted, strung on my washers and attached to my key chain.  
Jen and I are going to get together and work on some more fancy ones.  Like having a bead/birthstone hanging down in the center of the washer.  I'm also going to help her bust out a ton that say "Adoption Rocks."  She going to make them to raise money for her upcoming adoption of some babes from Ethiopia. You can check out her blog Team Chase 4 and Counting.


  1. Hey, friend...thanks for the shout-out!! :) I think you forgot to say how much fun it was to hammer out our frustrations on those poor, defenseless washers!

  2. Yours turned out great. I like the thicker washer with the small one combination. Thanks for the link. (Sorry I just barely noticed it. I was out of the blogging loop most of August.)


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