Monday, August 2, 2010

Muslin Frayed Flower

Please excuse my make-up-less, summer freckled face.  But do feast your eyes on my new flower headband. I used two different muslins, cut different sizes, then wadded them up to get them all wrinkly (I wish I would have sprayed them with some starch-next time). Sewed it on a dollar store headband (four pack for $1-can't beat it).  I made a matching button and glued it to the center.  Result, pretty ivory flower headband for less than a $1. 


  1. LOVE love love this...want one for myself!!

  2. O my goodness, this is absolutely adorable!! I definitely want to make one! Thank you!


  3. That's really pretty! LOVE the muslin natural white color:)
    Visiting from
    PS. Come by and check out the fun giveaway going on right now:)


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