Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Hands Aren't Cold Anymore

As I've said it's been super duper cold here lately, and we keep our thermostat fairly low.  I needed something to help keep my hands warm.  So I made a hand-warmer.
 I got the idea here, but with mine I wanted to make the outside washable (notice the marker line from my dear daughter already on it).  This is where my handy-dandy snap pliers get to strut there stuff.  The inside square I cut 6x6, sewed up with half inch seams.  Filled them with beans or rice and sewed shut.  My cover I cut 6x7, then sewed up three sides, leaving one side completely open.  Then I placed my rice bag on top to kinda gauge how far I needed to turn down and topstitch  the opening.  My snap pliers were put to work next adding three snaps to close up my hand-warmer.  Alternately you could use velcro.
My favorite part is the soft Chenille back.  Lovely.

I'm bragging over at Blue Cricket Design Show & Tell


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