Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yoga Pants to Knit Scarf-Refashion

What do you do with yoga pants you no longer wear?? Turn them into a scarf, of course. I got the cute idea here. But since it is 10 degrees here (wind chill -8), and Ben has the car, I couldn't really get out to go the fabric store. I also don't have the $$ to get 2+ yards of knit. But I did have a pair of old yoga pants that have just been sitting in my closet. Here's what I got after much cutting.

All I did was cut the legs up both the inner and outer seams, so I got four pieces of long knit. I then squared up the sides and cut them to about 6 inches wide. Sewed two pieces together to get one LONG piece (did this twice cause its double layer). Then worked on my details. I varied my strips, two are kinda gathered, the others just straight and they are all different widths. Once my details were on I pinned my long edges together and sewed up the sides. Since it's knit I left the edges raw cause they won't fray.

It's super soft knit, good thing cause I'll probably be wearing this all-day, everyday. Even in the house. Yeah the high tomorrow is 7. Now I've got a new cute scarf that cost me nothing to make. Those are the kind of projects I like. :)



  1. Great way to reuse your old pants, save some $$$, and end up with something new and usable.

  2. Hmmm...I have a bag full of clothing that I intended to take to the thrift store but, you're making me rethink it. :-)


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