Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Still Love Chick-fil-a...

Even though the Monster had a slight altercation with the Cow recently.  And apparently if you go to toe-to-toe with the big Cow, the Cow WILL win.  Here's how it all went down.  We went to a basketball game and the Chick-fil-a peeps were there doing a half-time shooting match.  Monster of course was down giving high-fives and hanging with the Cows before the shooting match began.  Then he saw his Uncle T and went to sit with him and all his college buddies.  The shooting match got over and next thing I know I see one of Uncle T's friends walking up the stairs towards me.  He said I needed to come cause Monster had got hurt.  I honestly didn't really think it would be that big of a deal, I was wrong.  When I got down to the concession area, they (two strangers) were holding him over a sink cause blood was everywhere.  Of course he was slightly freaking out, due to a) he was bleeding everywhere and hurt, and b) where were mom and dad and who are these strangers helping me?  Uncle T didn't even see what happened, but here's the story we got, the Cow didn't see Monster and backed up.  Monster face planted into the basketball court.  Poor little dude, but he was a trooper.  Thankfully a trainer was there for the game.  She came to look over him and make sure he didn't have a concussion.  We still had to get him up through the night, just to make sure.  But he's healing up great.
Bruised chin and swollen lip.  His chin was purple on Sunday morning at church.  Thankfully no one questioned our parenting :)
Split lip.  It was hard to tell at first where all the blood was coming from, cause there was so much of it.  Both nostrils and all in his mouth. OUCH!!
This is me trying to get a pic of how swollen his lip was.  He blinked, it didn't quite turn out, but actually shows exactly how he was feeling by then. Yeah, and notice the dried blood on his face, I guess I didn't get it all cleaned off apparently.

Note to self: Beware of Cows crossing

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