Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ornament Topiary

This has been a MAJOR thorn in my side.  We had a girls' night recently and did a craft.  We planned on doing ornament crafts, like this or this.  Well I decided I'd do the topiary, cause I thought it would be easier.  Yeah right!  In all honesty it wasn't that hard.  The thorn in my side part came during the 250 (ok, only really five) trips to the store to find bulbs for it.  I thought I'd be thrifty and use some that I already had.  Well it took all of those, and then some.  I when I "finished" yesterday night (two weeks after girls' night), I thought to myself, "I'm going to rip them all out after Christmas and do it again, right." I'm a slight perfectionist (ask my mom) and the thing that bugs me about it is, you can see the green floral ball.  So I need to redo it and get a Styrofoam ball I can paint silver.  Anyways here it is in all it's imperfect glory. :) ornamenttopiary
And please don't criticize my photo taking skills (or lack there of.)  I'm saving for a DSLR.  People say don't use flash which I didn't do with this pic.  But answer me this, How do I get a clear/sharp picture without using flash???  And mind you this pic is not sooc, here's the original.
It's way worse.  But some editing fixed a lot of the problems (I know I could probably do better but I need to get some good photography books.)  Anybody know of any?

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  1. Just use the internet! That's what I do! When you get your new camera it will help. There are so many setting on it to learn though! Good luck! And the topiary is cute!


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