Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some Kitcheny Sewing

Little Miss loves to sit and "help" momma cook, so one morning I decided she for sure needed a cutesy apron.  Like most things, I didn't have a pattern and just winged it.  The shape of any apron is pretty basic, it curves under the arms and then just has straight lines on the sides.  Even though this is one of my favorite prints, I thought it needed a little extra cuteness, so I added the ruffle at the neck.  The strap has four snaps so it's pretty adjustable.
And here's an action shot.
(And yes, she is wearing a halloween pj top with fleece pants I made last year.  She was helping me cook dinner, it was one of "those" days :)
I also recently made this cute oven mitt.  My original intention was to make this for my local MOPS auction.  But it was my first time really working with bias tape, and I'm kinda a perfectionist and didn't feel like it was "perfect enough." So instead, I got a new Christmas oven mitt.  Some family members will probably be getting these as gifts for Christmas.  Oh and here's the great tutorial and pattern I found over at The Idea Room.

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