Saturday, November 14, 2009

A New Post for my very neglected blog

I have been busy sewing and living life, case in point, no posting for almost a month.  Oops.  Instead of shoving all my projects into one jumbled up post, I try to stay somewhat organized and split them out.  Here's an appliquéd top I made for Little Miss.  I saw this beautiful batik at Joann's and instantly knew I wanted it.  I dyed the shirt orange and appliquéd on the leaves.  I think the little leaf on the back really adds to it.  The weather has been so nice here in MO I need to let her wear it at least one more time before December.

Here's what else I did with this awesome batik.  You guessed it, a headband.
But just not any headband.  This one is a gorgeous headband with a flower bloom on it.  I LOVE IT! I am not normally a flower girl, but this I can totally handle.
Here I am with the hubby at the pumpkin patch on the hayride.
I have pics taken and working on the tute for this cute headband.
(And I promise it won't take me a month to get it posted.)

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