Friday, July 29, 2011


Another installment of InstaFriday.  We just got back from MOVE in Carbondale, IL, so most of these pics were taken there.  On a side note, I have to brag on my kids.  It is about a six and a half hour trip and on our way home yesterday, they did AWESOME!!!  Traveling by yourself is never fun, I was actually dreading it.  Three hundred fifty plus miles all by myself, not my idea of fun.  But God shone down and blessed us with a great trip.
  Big boy eating some toast. CAN NOT believe he is almost 10 months old. 
Sister, the day we left, got herself all dressed and packed.  Momma had to make a few vetoes to this getup, I bet you can guess why.  She forgot it is summertime.

Loving our new Beco!
Posing on some piggies in front of the bbq joint where we had lunch on Wednesday.
Lincoln getting a quick snoozer at lunch that day.
Praise time
Given a big empty space, Mason likes to push Lincoln at super speeds in the stroller.
BUT, he also likes to cuddle with baby brother.
No words needed <3
Heard of planking?  Yeah, me neither. But I guess it's the new thing kids (and by kids I mean high school students) are doing.  We got Mason in on the action. 
Even tried the baby plank.
On our drive home yesterday the temp kept rising, and rising, and rising.  I'm SO looking forward to fall and winter.

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  1. Cute kiddos!!

    We had a few super-hot days, but I enjoy them because I despise winter. It's loooong. And cold. ;p

  2. Cute pictures...and I agree with you--I can't wait for the fall and winter months!! :-)

  3. Love your pictures. Very cute. Planking is the big thing here in Australia too! Go figure!
    It's sunny here but still quite wintery!


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