Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summertime Cake Balls

Our summer usually gets kicked off by going to the annual Memorial Day party at my husband's work.  This year we had just made it home from my sister-in-law's wedding on Sunday, so I needed to make something easy.  I decided to try my hand at cake balls again.  Don't remember if I ever shared my traumatic tale of me trying to make Lego cake pops for Mason's birthday party last year.  Here's a recap: woman 8.75 months prego has emotional break down when cake pops don't turn out.  You don't need to know the gory details, just that it was a major FAIL.  Months later, I was reading on Bakerella and realize I had left out one very important step.  You must put some candy coating on the stick before you insert it into the pop.  If you don't, you might end up crying or cursing under your breath because cake balls will not stay on said stick w/out that "glue".  Don't ask me how I know. 
Ok, so I was brave enough to give these another go.  And it worked.....for the one I did.  Then I realized that was just going to be more work and we were in a hurry so I just made them cake balls.  But I have mastered the cake pops and will be doing them again.  Sometime soon.
Here are my festive red, white and blue cake balls.  They turned out so yummy!  But beware, if you don't like sweet, you might steer clear of a cake ball, they are super rich!!  And here's a little secret, I used Almond Bark for the coating, cheaper I think than candy melts and easier to get my hands on. 
Pic taken w/ my EVO edited w/ Vignette App for Android

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