Friday, June 17, 2011

Pinterest...Virtual Pinboard

Are you on Pinterest yet?  If not, you totally should be!!  But I'll warn you, it can kinda be a time waster, but a fun one at that.  
So what is it?  It's a virtual pinboard.  It's like bookmarking blog posts, images, recipe, etsy stuff, products you love, etc, etc, etc, but instead of having a bunch of text links that you have to click on, it "pins" a picture for you and the link. 
Here are my boards.  I just started last week so I'm still learning and having fun filling them up with ideas and inspiration.  I LOVE this so much more than bookmarking!!!!  Mainly cause of the visual aspect of it.  I can see exactly what it is, I don't have to click on a bookmark for say a ruffle tee tutorial, it has the pic right there for me so I can see which of the five thousand ruffle tee tutorials it is. :)
Similar to facebook or twitter you have "followers."  When you click on the Pinterest logo (top left) you are taken to this screen which shows what the people you follow are pinning. 
Clicking on "Everything" will take you to this page where you can search and see what everyone is pinning.  Kinda like a way to see what's trending. 
And check out my stuff that made it's way to Pinterest.  I had no idea, till one day I was looking at my stats and saw the traffic source of Pinterest.   My Reese's Lovers Cake is making the rounds :)
Need an invite to Pinterest?  Shoot me an email.
Happy Pinning
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