Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Boy Cap {tutorial}

Summer is (almost) here!!  So that means we'll be spending lots of time outside.  And you gotta protect that little sweet head from the sun, so caps are a MUST.
This cap started out as a babyish hand me down that was given to me.
The frog was begging to be covered up with something a little bit "cooler" for Mr. Lincoln.
Here's what I did
 1. Start by grabbing a cup to use as a template for your circle.  Make sure it is large enough to cover up the old design.
2. Trace and cut your circle out of knit (old t-shirt bound for Goodwill).
3. Check size, I decided this was a bit too large, so I trimmed it down a little.
4. With Double sided Steam-a-Seam draw your design on front side of the paper.  Remember if you are doing a letter to draw the mirror image. Peel off back side of paper and stick to knit.  Cut out.
5. Peel off paper backing, make sure you leave on the webbing.
6. Position on circle, iron in place.  You can either leave as is or do a decorative stitch around design.
(Need help w/ Steam-a-Seam let me know.  You could also use Heat n Bond for this step)
7. Place Steam-a-Seam on back side of circle, peel off paper backing leaving webbing. 
8. Position on cap, iron in place.  Again, you could leave it as is, or sew a decorative stitch around design.   I chose to do a zigzag. 
And DONE!!  Have the best baby ever model his new big boy cap.
You can't have him.....he's mine :)

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