Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Button Ring w/ Matching Rag Bracelet

I made another button ring, and made a rag bracelet to match.  I know the colors might be kinda random, but I have a turquoise top that I wear a pink tank under, so I thought why not add a pop of orange (cause I {heart} orange).  
These could not be any simpler to make, if you want step by step instructions look here.  Although I will say I actually prefer to attach my button to the ring blank before applying mod podge.  It gives you something to hold onto while painting it on.  For the buttons attached to the bracelet, get some sticky tack stuff, put that on the end of a pencil/marker/whatever and stick your button on.  Instant button holder.  
My bracelet I just cut roughly 1 inch strips (you don't have to be precise) and braided them.  Then hand stitch your ends together.  Wrap a small piece of fabric around your stitches and hot glue in place to cover your seam.  Then use your buttons to hide your seam even more and make it look super cute!  
Way easy, cute, and cheap! Can't beat it!!


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