Monday, July 5, 2010

5 Minute Fourth of July Project

These super cool rings are on my list of projects to do with my crafting friend.  Well instead of waiting till we had craft night I whipped one up before I went over to her neighborhood Fourth Party.  I needed something festive to spruce up my outfit that consisted of a red shirt and red earrings.  I know, lame, but what can I say, I'm pregnant. Since I did this the day of, I had to make a couple of adjustments.  I didn't have time to glaze them (and you can tell-this was a cheap $1 holiday scarf) but its okay, its a holiday jewelry piece, not something meant to be wore all the time.  And I didn't have ring blanks (but I'm going to the store at TODAY to get some), so I used a ring I had on hand, it worked fine.
Cute, huh?!  I'll be making lots more of these.
I also made one for Brooke (I used a toe ring, it fit perfect.)  She liked it for a while and then was over it.  I thought it was so cute.


  1. Love it! Great project.

    Andrea @

  2. Oh my goodness : ) so creative and fun. Love it.


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