Monday, January 25, 2010

Felt Playhouse for Brooke

Well it did get completed in time for the big party.  Actually WAY earlier than I completed the Monster's tent.  I got this one done at 7.30 the night before the party instead of like 1 AM for Mason's.  There are somethings that need added/adjusted.  I need to take off about an inch in length, it hangs a little long.  I also still need to add the "today's specials" tags that they can velcro on and off.  But overall I love it.  But I will say (just like I did with Mason's) I will not ever do another one-unless I have another child and they demand one of their own. They are TONS of work.  No wonder the playhouse I got my inspiration from on etsy by missprettypretty is $185.  Look at all the detail in hers.  I honestly would drive myself crazy if I mass produced these.  Props to her!  Check out the Little Mechanic one, ohhhh how Mason would love that.
Anyways, back to pics of Brooke's

The sign hanging down says "open" on one side and "closed" on the other.

Cutting out all those letters made me really want a Cricut.  To the left of the blackboard is where I'll add the "today's specials" tags that they can take on and off.

Can you see the play food inside?  That's all I've got completed as of yet.  But more in the works for sure.

And yes, I too find it odd that I did a bunch of breakfast food and sweets and one lonely carrot.  Hey kids need their veggies too :)


  1. AManda!! That is amazing girl! Any little girl would love that to play in! I am sooo impressed with you!

  2. Looks great! Hey- you are way ahead of me- I wanted to make one for my girls for Christmas- maybe I should start now for next year!!!

  3. I love this! I'm not so sure my sewing skills would ever be up to this, but nice to know there's an Etsy seller who lives not too far from me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That looks great! I really want to make one of these for my daughter. Can't wait to get started now! Thanks for sharing


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