Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fabric Flower Bangle Bracelet

Went over to my friend Jen's house on Monday night to watch the Bachelor (every girl needs a little drama, right?) and to make some fabric flowers.  She found our bangle bracelets at $1 Jewelry Galore for, you guessed it, a dollar.  They originally were wrapped in black satin ribbon, but we took that off.  I found this video for the directions, which was nice cause I'm a visual learning.  So pics are good, but a video of something is EVEN better.
Fabric Flower Bangle Bracelet2
They really were super easy.  The directions said to clip off excess after you tie a knot for the center, we just glued ours under.  We also adjusted ours by only doing 1 inch strips.  Also I'm so lazy I didn't want to get out the ironing board, so we just used a hair flat iron :) much more portable than a big iron and ironing board.  It worked great!
Fabric Flower Bangle Bracelet
These also look really cute as little hair clips.  I made one and just glued it to the end of a snap clip, PERFECTION.  I'm going to toy around with making some more with fabric wrist bands.  I'll post tutorial if they turn out.

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  1. ooh love it!!! Thanks for the link!! I want some on headbands!

  2. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing where you found the video!
    Lynsey :)

  3. your bracelet is wonderful! I love those colours!!
    Thank you sooo much for posting the tut link! I´ve been looking for it soo bad!


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