Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another First :)

It's my first refashion. I very loosely based this refashion on this tutorial. Love the checks, wish I had a checks shirt to refashion. But since I was a virgin "refashioner" I started with this ho-hum gray top. I think it was given to me from a lady I used to work with. It's ok, just not anything fabulous. I thinks it better now and I'll at least wear it more. So here's the before. As always, click to enlarge.

I wish I would have got better pics on the arms. They were 3/4 length, with a wide cuff-almost 4 inches. I cut the arms and collar off, I just free-handed it.

I cut the cuffs off the sleeves and trimmed them to about 2.5 inches. Then I pleated them a little and made them into my new neckline. Finished off the back of the tank and armholes. BTW, before I did all this I took in the armholes a bit. They were a little gaping as a tank, so I just took in at the shoulder. And modeling ;) Sorry for the horrible blurry pic. Next time I wear it I'll try to get the Mr. to take a better pic.

What I'd do different?? Next time I think I'll start by finishing off the armholes and back neckline. But all-in-all I think it's pretty cute.

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