Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby is 5 months!

Seriously!  How can he be 5 months old?!  Time goes too quick I tell ya.  He is rolling over, almost sitting up by himself, turning in belly circles and draws his legs up under him during tummy time.  I predict he'll be scooting within the next month.  Mason and Brooke were both early crawlers too.  I was just looking at old pics of Mason and can't believe that he is 5 and a half and going to be in kindergarten in August.  
These days he would stay outside ALL DAY if we let him and weather was nice.  And although he loves the camera and will give me tons of smiles to work with, I thought this pic fits him to-a-tee.  Outside, wild hair blowing in the spring wind.  
And then there's my Brooke, who I have to beg and beg to give me a look when I've got the lens pointed at her.  But this pic captures her as well, playing play dough, fighting the urge to put it in her mouth.  That sweet smile coming through.  You might never know what a goof she is and the CRAZY things she says that have the BEST facial expressions to go along with them. 
Does it ever just hit you how blessed you are??  I've got three amazing kids, who everyday are becoming more of the person they are meant to be.  Growth in its simplest form.  And through it all, I'm growing too.   

Want to see more pics check out my photography blog.  I just figured I'd post these here today since it has been a while since my last post.  But I am working on sewing, fear not, so pics of sewing works should be up within the week. 


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