Monday, November 8, 2010

Best New Mom Gift Ever

I know every blog out there has done giveaways for hand stamped jewelry, well this isn't a giveaway, but rather a BRAG on my good friend, Jackie.  In August she started up Nella Anne Designs.  For my shower gift she made me this beautiful necklace.  I absolutely LOVE it!!  
I think it's the best mom gift every!!  She does great work, and she's been busy making necklaces for almost all of our friends.  One friend had her do a set of three necklaces, one for her, one for her (adopted) daughter and one for the birth mom.  So sweet!  And she does bows too!  Check her out, Nella Anne Designs, she's also on facebook and does specials for followers.  

*Note: She's taking a little maternity break till mid-November.  She welcomed baby #4 on November 4th.  You can still order, but orders won't be processed till she's officially back.  You can contact her through her website or facebook page.

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