Friday, October 2, 2009

Rag Quilt Letters

I found this great tutorial over at Happy Together.  The Monster loves them!  We're really working on his letters and these are a great help.  They're also great cause we talk about which ones are match, which are similar, I can help him find certain letters by telling him to look for one with an apple on it, etc.  I want to make a set of lowercase letters and numbers too.  All done with scrap fabrics, micro-fleece sandwiched inside to make them squishy.

All cut out, this in itself, took awhile. :)

Ready to be traced

Yes, if you look closely you will see the F is backwards.  Oops.  I traced it on the back side cause I it was going to be hard see sewing.  What I forgot to do was flip it, my bad.  And the Monster insists that it be that way instead of laying out the F the correct way.  Maybe he's got a touch of OCD.

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