Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Easiest skirt ever

I made a skirt for Brooke.  If I had ten uninterrupted minutes to sew it, I'd tell you that's how long it took.  Since I have four children, I don't have ten uninterrupted minutes, so it took more like thirty. 
I used this ruffle fabric, and knit elastic.  In a perfect world I would have used purple thread, then my wonky lines wouldn't be so noticeable.  But it's not a perfect world, it's a world where all my thread is in storage and I happened to have this yellow from a sewing project I did for church.  Brooke thought it was cool though, she put it on and said, "I love it!! It's like a Santa belt!"  She's the eternal optimist.  Obviously that seam goes in the back, but whatev. 
And here she is with her best pose.  Future model for sure.  

PS. I have no idea why she felt the need to tuck her shirt in, she's got a style all her own. :)


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